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I am so thankful to feel as though I was in a different city during this storm. where I was staying, it was just a windy rain storm.

Latest Sandy Images and Videos (Updating Live)

We saw it in countless movies, but the reality is grittier and more miserable than any overblown disaster flick. Smudge everywhere, small hills of dead rats, stairs that descent into tunnels full of filthy water… New York City flooded after Sandy is a dreadful place.

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Floating balls of light  if jesus were a ball, this is what…

 Floating balls of light 

if jesus were a ball, this is what he’d look like.


$25 donation gets you a poster bigger than…

$25 donation gets you a poster bigger than me


You can help our friend Johnny Venus of Greek Fire in his fight with lukemia by stopping by Cd Warehouse St. Louis (11828 Tesson Ferry in South County). A $25 donation will get you a giant 4 foot by 6 foot bus shelter poster from either Incubus or 311 (more coming soon). For more info on Johnny, visit


$7 for $15 worth of Indian food! The sun rises and sets…

$7 for $15 worth of Indian food!

The sun rises and sets on Kiran Indian Cuisine, a subcontinental restaurant with locations on Manhattan’s eastern and western edges. Both outposts feature bright-colored lights and white tablecloths—as well as a menu that shines a spotlight on the Mughlai cuisine of northern India. Here, classics like saag paneer ($9.95) and chicken tikka masala ($11.95) share space with more adventurous fare—think tender tandoori rabbit marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger and spices ($15.95) and goat biryani studded with green peas, almonds and raisins ($12.95). Get your fill long after darkness descends—both locations are open daily from 11 in the morning to 11 at night.


$12 st. patrics day t shirts from cafe press!

$12 st. patrics day t shirts from cafe press!







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